With over 16 years combined experience in the industry, RNJ provide the best and latest in technology and integration to keep your home or business secure. Our team can provide 24/7 callout, 365 days of the year for any issues, your systems may have. This includes the following disciplines:

Intruder Alarms
Fire Alarms
Access Control

We offer free, comprehensive quotes, whether you desire a small 2 camera system or a larger enterprise system.
No quote is too big or small.

Intruder Alarms

RNJ Solutions Ltd design, install and maintain intruder alarm systems for homes and businesses. We cover a wide area of the UK, our main areas are Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, North Somerset, West Midlands and South Wales. We provide a wide range of alarm systems individually designed to meet each customers requirements.

We can supply anything from a simple audible only intruder alarm system through to a large enterprise system, including integration and networking between different sites. We also provide a free site survey and risk assessment to ensure the system meets your exact requirements.

Fire Protection Systems

RNJ Solutions are one of the leading installers of fire alarms and fire detection systems in the UK. Located in the South West of England, RNJ specialise in installing fire alarm systems across a wide range of sectors including offices, schools, leisure, retail and homes across the UK.

We design, install and maintain fire detection and fire alarm systems to BS 5839. Whether you require a complex integrated system including fire alarms, aspirating systems and much more for a large commercial premises or the simplest of fire alarm detection systems, we can tailor an individual package to meet your requirements. Our service capabilities and technical back up are second to none, ensuring that our customers have the best possible products on the market that suits their needs.

Access Control

Most commercial properties can benefit from having an access control system installed in their premises. We can provide you with a state of the art system which can include biometric and iris scanners to help keep your building secure. You will have complete control on who enters your premises.

RNJ Solutions Ltd have many years experience in installing access control systems in all types of premises such as schools and offices. In recent years we have also provided lockdown systems for premises requiring that extra line of protection in an event of an emergency. Our experience is second to none and we will be able to quickly assess your needs and provide a solution to suit.

So, whether you need a coded entry system for a single building, or a centrally controlled solution for a business that has multiple sites, we can help tailor a solution to meet your specific requirements.


CCTV is a very valuable tool when coming to crime prevention and also insurance purposes, too. With our expert advice we can help you to achieve your goal when it comes to having the best possible solution. We also specialise in networking sites together so you can centrally control your CCTV network from one place.

RNJ Solutions supply a great range of different CCTV systems from a small 2 camera system to a much larger enterprise system that can integrate with your other security systems to give you a top of the range security solution. We can individually tailor a system to meet your requirements.

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